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Street Lawyer Services

Street Lawyer Services is an East Coast Cannabis Lifestyle brand with retail locations in major cities where the recreational cannabis is still in very early stages. Street Lawyer is on a mission to proliferate cannabis culture accross the East Coast.


In 2019, Street Lawyer Services was founded by Lonny The Street Lawyer in Washington, DC. Lonny is a high profile criminal defense trial attorney, cannabis brand owner, and radio personality. After attending Columbia Law School, Lonny represented thousands of criminal cases related to marijuana drug charges in the Washington, DC area. He became a guest host on iheartradio's DC 101 Klinger Show every Tuesday night providing legal advice to the streets of DC. The laws in every state are constantly progressing towards legalization and Lonny has been on the forefront of getting cannabis to the people. 

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SLS' own, Loreana releases new single and music video, "I'm just doing me"

Our team at SLS is filled with so much creativity - not trying to brag, but we got some people with some deep heat as to how they view the world and express themselves within it. Loreana Lonigro who goes as rapper/ singer Loreana is no exception.  Born in Maracaibo,...

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Lonny The Street Lawyer

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