The Sensational WhoisLucci Releases New Hit Single “24/7”

By Sasha Abramzon

The Street Lawyer Service’s Women are more than talented, they are true artists:  they empower themselves through plants to enter a creative plane where innovation happens. 

SLS Woman of Miami, Lucci, a native New Englander with a head full of pink and a hot girl attitude is one of the leading creatives for WomenXWeed. Lucci embodies this brand through her art pieces and music. As a rapper and singer, WhoisLucci’s lyrics empathize with the real life struggles of women grinding hard everyday to be successful. She is truly a female inspiration. In her newly released single, “24/7,” WhoisLucci reveals how she feels and thinks. Taking a softer approach in this single, she connects to the boss women who are on the go 24/7. 

WhoisLucci created “24/7” because, “a lot of times I feel misunderstood because I’m constantly over thinking and always in my head, but my thoughts are all a result of the chaos we live in currently,” she said.  Lucci is aware of her own consciousness and that’s why in the song she sings “you don’t know what I know, and it shows.”  She later explains, “because I think a lot of people ignore the obvious and are comfortable living in ignorance.”   

The following lyrics acknowledge the process of accepting reality and keep it pushing that life goes on. Lucci expresses, “24/7 means a lot to me because even though I’m being distracted by my own mind, I know I’m on the right path and I know my reality is all I make it to be.” 

Check out the link to listen to this newly released single. And come by Street Lawyer Services Miami to meet the amazing Lucci herself. Video release on its way, stay tuned ladies.

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