What makes a good consumption lounge? Besides just consumption?

One day I got to thinking (which I rarely do successfully). I started to wonder what the best on-site consumption lounge was in the U.S.  Now, as I pondered this, I began to wonder what my criteria would be for making it “the best.”  For instance, if I go to a cannabis lounge and get so stoned that I don’t know how to pay my bill or have a mini-breakdown in the bathroom while looking at the mirror, I’d consider that a poor experience.  

What do people even want to do in a cannabis lounge?  Smoke!  Yeah, but what else?  What’s the most desired ambience?  Do they want to eat?  Play video games?  Get a foot massage?  

After doing some googling, here’s are three consumption lounges throughout the US who are gaining some buzz.

Let’s start with San Francisco - a city I know so little about beyond what I read in articles and pop culture.  And the show Looking.

Moe Greens

1276 Market Street, 

San Francisco, CA 94102

Moe Greens in San Francisco appears to be a favorite.  Even though it’s in the Bay Area, it’s very LA.  Los Angeles is all about booth seating that can seat about 25 people.  Forever reminds of the movie Swingers or even the diner scene in Pulp Fiction.  Moe Greens has velvet rope, interior brick walls and a lot of gold.  It’s a popular place for smoking, vaping and dabbing.  Lounge is free to use with a purchase.  It’s received rave reviews for its staff and the quality of its green.  Fun fact:  it’s a four minute walk from the Asian American Art Museum of San Francisco.

Luna Lounge

101 West Franklin

Sesser, Illinois 62884

Next up, the state of Illinois.  Does anyone know about Illinois outside of Chicago?  I’ve never had a friend tell me, “Hey David, I’m dipping out to Sesser for the weekend.”  

Luna Lounge in Illinois markets itself as a Prohibition-era speakeasy.  The Art-Deco gold-lettering is fitting with the structure of the building, it being an old bank called the Sesser Bank. The room is filled with wingback chairs, couches and Roaring 20s posters.  They don’t serve food but they do host concerts and comedy in their VIP area, which has kind of a dive bar vibe.  A cannabis lounge with live entertainment seems like a no-brainer but not enough groups are doing it.  The lounge is owned by Holly Roeder.  As the first consumption lounge in the state, it’s been a massive hit.


1235 Paiute Cir, 

Las Vegas, NV 89106

NuWu is a consumption lounge in Las Vegas.  It actually fills me with joy that there’s one of these in Las Vegas.  Especially in that hot ass desert.  There are so many ways for your life to go incredibly sideways in that town.  So many.  So long as you know how to handle your tokes or edibles (or know that maybe edibles still aren’t for you and never will be), this could be an amazing activity in that town.  Everything is so “up” in Vegas.  You breathe in it’s “upness.”  You can feel like you’re on cocaine as soon as you get to your hotel.  They rent out a variety of bongs like the Studen glass gravity bong and the Jerome Baker Designs Bong.  The spot is also 24 hours, which seems kind of dangerous to me.  On the one hand, I could see that being awesome for a chill night or even a relaxing morning meet.  On the other, I foresee drunks who’ve had too much to drink at the table who may think that smoking weed would be the best end to their booze filled, molly-tripping, blow snorting evening.  But then again, Vegas was built by mobsters.  Security is what they do.  They good.

As states begin to embrace the cannabis economy, more consumption lounges will arrive.  It’s going to be interesting to see who creatively separates from the pack.  There will always be groups who think more innovatively than others - all we can do is wait and see how this unfolds.

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